- Wrappers to ease and automate blog posting

To install Systematic Investor Toolbox (SIT) please visit About page. package is the collection of functions to ease and automate blog posting.

The blog posts are created in the R script with special Markdown formating. The blog R script is converted to the RMarkdown format using knitr::spin()

Check out following introduction to spin command:

You can also check R scripts used to generate latest blog post at

I use following process to to ease and automate blog posting:

  1. Write blog post in R script with special Markdown formating. For example Benchmark Plus post.

  2. Execute following command:

# generate markdown post
  1. Once I’m happy with results, execute following command:
run.posts('2016-02-28-Post.r', = T, blog.folder = 'myblog')

This command will run the blog post and copy final markdown and corresponding images to the blog folder you specify.

Alternatively, you can run the same command to process all blog post in the current folder by execute following command:

# process all post(s) that start with number(s)- and end with r

Please let me know if stumble upon any bugs.

The is available at

Please install with devtools::install_github('systematicinvestor/')

For your convenience, the post source code.