R/Finance 2015 Abstract

I submitted following abstract for the upcoming R/Finance 2015 conference. The R/Finance 2015conference will be held on May 29 and 30, 2015 in Chicago, IL, USA.

Follow the Leader - the application of time-lag series analysis to discover leaders in S&P 500.

Keywords: time series correlation, leader discovery

The discovery of lead / lag relationships in the time series data can improve strategy returns, reduce risk exposure, and simplify re-balancing process. The inference process, first examines the rolling window similarity between each pair of time series over various lag lengths to determine the existence and strength of co-movements. The lead / lag relationship is used next to build a directed graph to compute leadership score and extract leaders.

We will use R to implement this methodology and present a case study on stocks in S&P 500 index to validate predictive power and benefits of incorporation of lead / lag relationship discovery in your investment process.


  • Detecting Leaders from Correlated Time Series D. Wu, Y. Ke, J. Yu, P. Yu, L. Chen

  • Time-lag Method for Detecting Following and Leadership Behavior of Pedestrians from Mobile Sensing Data, 2013 M. Kjargaard, H. Blunck, M. Wustenberg, Kaj Gronbak, M. Wirz, D. Roggen, G. Troster

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