SynWrite - very powerfull, free source code editor

I came across SynWrite editor and found it extremely useful for writing Markdown and RMarkdown documents.

You can download SynWrite at SourceForge or latest build can be downloaded directly from UvViewSoft SynWrite page.

To setup R and RMarkdown I had to make a few small adjustment to default installation:

  • install R Lexer: Options -> Add-on Manager -> Install: R Lexer
  • add dot(.) as valid word character to R Lexer: Options -> Customize -> Lexer Overrides -> R Lexer -> Additional word character

I also had to create RMarkdown Lexer; there is a tutorial at Readme\TutorialLexer1.odt that I used as template

  • Export Markdown Lexer
  • Create New Lexer: Options -> Customize Lexer Library -> Add New Lexer
  • Import Markdown Lexer and set file extension to Rmd
  • In the Sub-Lexer tab, select R Lexer and
  • Start Condition: ^```{r.*}
  • End Condition: ^```
  • Select a different background for R Lexer