Deploy Shiny Application

Shiny is a very convenient way to add interface to your R script / application.

The next big question is how to share your Shiny application with clients. Probably the easiest way is to host your Shiny application on the Shiny Server. But let’s say the application is computationally intensive, it uses client’s proprietary data, and you want to create a stand-alone version that can be run locally on the client’s computer.

Following are few tutorials with step by step instructions to package your Shiny application into stand-alone application:

Basically, you need to get:

And follow setup steps outline in the posts.

There is also a BIG question of including / distributing proprietary code / algorithms. It is not possible to hide R code, so you might resolve to using:

  • Rcpp to code your proprietary algorithms and compile binaries or
  • Rturbo/P to convert your proprietary R algorithms and create Rturbo/P binaries

#Aside If you want to play with Shiny Server on Windows, following is a good start:

And more info for Docker and Vagran: